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Durit Continuous Magnesite

The development ofcontinuous magnesite flooringbegan in Germany over 70 years ago in response to the growing demand for highly abrasion-resistant and crack-proof industrial flooring.

Continuous magnesite flooringis the most widely used method in Germany, for in addition to being so resistant to abrasion and the absence of retraction, it is also highly durable and the maintenance costs are minimal.

Under the DURIT brand,continuous magnesite flooringwas introduced to Spain by POLIDURIT SL in 1989.

Since then, we have installed more than 2,000,000 m2 in industries, stores, factories and warehouses.

Since 1995, we have worked with interior designers and decorators to cater for the huge demand for this kind ofcontinuous flooringin such buildings as museums, designer stores, commercial outlets and homes.

POLIDURIT offers a fullcontinuous magnesite flooringservices and guarantees far superior quality to other similar forms ofcontinuous flooring.